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Befriending Yourself

Group Therapy
Together, we create a powerful space of self-acceptance, mutual support, and compassion. 

If you have received and internalized critical messages about yourself, it takes community to help you feel more positive. 
Befriending Yourself
We meet weekly for an hour and half online to talk, laugh and feel our feelings. Group work helps you to heal isolation and increase your sense of self-worth. The support of others will help you to see yourself more clearly and feel reflected back. 

~ affirmation and caring
~ release self-critical messages

~ feel more connected
~ build relationship skills
~ space for personal reflection
~ build a life from who you truly are

Meets weekly on Wednesdays

From 3:30-5pm

On Zoom 

2 spaces are available

sliding scale available
Schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to determine if this is a good fit for you

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