Mother and Daughter Dancing

Play with me

Play is the way into the heart of a child. It is a way to joyfully be with others.

Here’s a chance to:

  • Discover the value of play
  • Learn approaches for playing with children and others
  • Reflect on your parenting style: what you feel good about and what you’d like to change
  • Talk about your experience and have fun experimenting with play
  • Become more playful

Date: October 16, 2-5 on Zoom (or possibly in person)

To register
Contact Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW at 215-317-8855
or via email at

Cost: $75.

You’ll receive a Zoom link after submitting your payment after registering with Claudia.

Please bring things you’d like to play with at the workshop, such as art supplies, a board game, nail polish, a hula hoop, dolls, balls, toy guns, swords, etc...

And, bring your imagination!

Play is something that I have recovered. I didn’t play much as a child, even though there was a kind-of playful atmosphere in my family, because I felt there were expectations about what was “good” play and what wasn’t, which got in my way. As a young therapist, I saw that play is how children express themselves. I joined in their play and felt how powerful it was as a way of connecting with them. I still play with young people as often as I can. I have become increasingly interested in being playful in my adult relationships. There are so many ways to play together…with words and silence, with movement and stillness.  I want more of that fun, deep and delightful way of being together!

Come to this workshop and “play with me”!



When I Say “No,” I Feel Guilty

How often do you think “No” and say “Yes”?

Do you feel angry with yourself for saying “Yes”?

How can you stand up for yourself?

Come to this workshop and learn:

  • Assertiveness skills
  • Skills in “hearing the other” while holding onto your own needs
  • Understand your own barriers to asserting yourself

This is a workshop I have offered.
Please contact me via email at if you are interested in having me present this workshop to your group or organization.