New Group!
A Group for Young Adults on Overcoming Isolation

Many young adults feel lonely, insecure and socially awkward. And they want friends! How to get there?

By joining a personal growth group….

  • You can explore social relationships and learn about yourself.
  • You can learn social skills in a safe place.
  • You can talk about everything on your mind, from your anxiety to your desires.
  • And you can talk and laugh and be real with other people.

If you want a better social life, come and check it out.

The group functions as a supportive community. There is confidentiality and connection.

When: Tuesdays, weekly, 7-8 pm ET.
Where: NW Philadelphia.
Cost: $35 per session, to be paid monthly.

To join this group, contact Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW at 215-317-8855 or via email at


New Group!
A Group for Adults (age 30s - 50s) on Overcoming Isolation

Being in your 30’s or 40’s or 50’s is not easy. There are so many pressures and expectations and pitfalls and disappointments along the way. Here are some of the questions many adults face:

  • Are you married? * Do you want to be married? * Where is that special person for you?
  • Do you want kids? * You want kids and your partner doesn’t, what should you do?
  • Are you doing the work you want to do?
  • Are you getting paid enough? * Do you feel rewarded by your job? * Is your boss supportive or unavailable? * Should you change jobs, etc.?
  • How do you decide to stay or leave your marriage? * Do you think you want to get a divorce?

One might say “YIKES!” to this list…

My group will give you a place to talk and think and share with others about all the things that are on your mind. You will attain a sense of confidence and peace about your life and you will have a community of fellow travelers.

When: Wednesdays, twice a month, 7:30-9 pm ET.
Where: NW Philadelphia.
Cost: $60 per session, to be paid monthly.

To join this group, contact Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW at 215-317-8855 or via email at


Overcoming Social Isolation - A Group for Older Adults

Being older in this culture is not easy. Much of our purpose is gone. We are no longer raising children nor working. We have fewer friends to talk with and do things together.

Often, we wonder what to do with our lives.

Being part of a group can make a difference.

A group offers participants:

  • a sense of community
  • a chance to talk about their lives
  • learn about themselves and others
  • give and receive support
  • work toward goals

A group counters loneliness and is a consistent and supportive “home.” In this group, you can talk about whatever is on your mind, laugh and even cry with others

When: Thursday afternoons, twice a month, 2-3:30pm ET.
Where: NW Philadelphia.
Cost: $60.00 per session.

To join this group, contact Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW at 215-317-8855 or via email at


Conflict Resolution 101

A workshop presented by Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW

Most relationships are fraught with conflict. There is the feeling of a lack of understanding between the two people involved.

Who can stand not being understood over the long haul?

Most of us did not learn conflict solving skills. Home life is often filled with yelling or commanding styles of communication. Or silence.

It is possible to do it differently!

At this workshop, participants will learn basic conflict resolution skills.

The workshop will include:

  • Learning a structure for conflict resolution
  • Practicing conflict resolution skills
  • An opportunity to talk about conflicts in their lives

Workshop date: October 25, 2018, 7-9 pm.

Register here:

For more information, call Claudia Apfelbaum at 215-317-8855 or via email at