I was boiling hot and my brain was no longer willing to work. I left my house, put some mail in the mailbox and continued down the street to my friend Scott’s house. I yelled to the third floor to let him know I was there.  Soon his head appeared in the window and then he offered to come down and meet me on the porch. He said, “What’s wrong?” and I started to go into it. He then said, “Let’s go swimming!” I only had an hour and a half exactly before I was to see a client. Despite that, I said, “Yes.” It would cool my psyche off, something I really wanted.  I was also a little nervous. Would we be back in time?

So off we went. (Well, he brushed his teeth first and got some towels…and then we left.) We walked to a new spot in the stream, much closer to the car than usual so we could get back in time. The water felt great!! It was cool. I submerged my whole body, including my hair and immediately felt relief from the stress I had been feeling. Woohoo!

By the time we got back to the car, I had twenty minutes until the session, and I was dripping wet! Hair, clothes, skin, face. (It had begun raining so everything was wet!)

By the time I was in my house, I only had time to take off my wet clothes and slip into my warmest housecoat before the phone rang. Luckily for me, it was an on-the-phone session so she didn’t see me there, in the winter housecoat with a towel around my neck to catch my dripping hair….

But, then, my next client came. I was in the housecoat. I asked her to wait a few minutes, which she kindly did on the front porch. When I opened the door, I was dressed professionally in a shirt from Thailand, black slacks and sandals. We went to my office and we both sat in our respective seats. However, I kept gliding my hand down my ponytail, squeezing the wet hair and then letting a drop fall to the floor. I hoped she didn’t notice this, but I think she did.

It was an outrageous afternoon and I am here to tell the tale… It was outrageous and this is how I want to live my life! Well, maybe not quite so close to the edge, but better that than sitting and streaming at my desk!   And now I have more energy to work and feel much happier about my life!!