On Authenticity

As Brianna Wiest writes on Medium.com, “No person is an island, and we need healthy relationships to thrive…and we are terrible at connection.”

This is a curious and true problem that many of us face today. We are all talking and texting each other on our cell phones, which is a clear expression of our desire (and need) for connection, but somehow many, many of us feel socially isolated.

Human beings need to feel real connection with one another.

Perhaps, as Brianna Wiest writes, “trauma is what creates a damaged ability to connect with others.”

And she further writes, “If our core human need is to connect with others, then the most important part of healing our emotional wounds is allowing ourselves to open up again.”

Authenticity is required for connection.

Learning to be authentic is not easy.  It is something that can be attained through deeply personal work with a skilled psychotherapist.

Brianna’s full article can be found here: https://medium.com/s/story/if-connection-is-our-core-human-need-then-why-are-we-so-bad-at-it-a904ae486a48