My interview on Businesstalk Radio interviewed me on July 10th, 2020! The interview will give you a sense of who I am and how I became a therapist….as a kid, trying to help my parents get along better.

I still believe that people, regardless of race  or class differences, can get along better than they do. People need to learn how to listen “to the other” to solve their interpersonal problems. I also know that sometimes there is so much pain that a person first needs a safe place to talk about their pain before they can really listen. It’s this kind of safe place that I offer.

I also talk about my group In the Time of Corona. I love facilitating that group of women over 70! Listening to them talk inspires me. They are so alive, even while cooped up in their apartments due to Covid-19.

If you feel isolated and want a place to talk with other lively older women, contact me! ( This could be a great group for you!

Have a listen to me talking on businesstalkradio1!