Love Re-Ignited

How many of us have experienced losing love for our parents? We start life off with a big open heart, ready to love those two people who brought us into the world. As the years go by, we find ourselves more and more disenchanted with them. They do many things which disenchant us. They do not understand us, they yell at us, they make us feel bad about ourselves or they dismay us with their own behaviors.

We find ourselves distancing ourselves more and more. We do not even like them anymore.

Then, a day comes when something happens and the feeling of love is restored.

A friend of mine was feeding his very old mother. He had not been close to her for decades. That day, she put her hand in his hand while he fed her. His heart melted. He was so glad that his heart softened and he could return to a state of loving her for the last two years of her life.

If only we, as parents, did not create such difficult dynamics for our children, we could all feel that bliss more of the time. Look around you and notice the beauty of your children. Bless them with your love and understanding, so they will not have to feel cut off from loving you.