Exciting news!!

On February 27, 2021, I will be leading a workshop at the international American Group Psychotherapy Association annual conference. The workshop title is “The Creation of an Online Group for Elders in the Time of Corona.”

I have been facilitating an online group for elders since April 2020. When the pandemic began, I recognized that the issue of social isolation for elders would be an even bigger problem than it already was and initiated this group. 

Running this group is an exciting and enriching experience for me. It is so valuable to the participants that I thought it would be of interest to other group therapists, and wrote a proposal.

The exciting news is that my proposal was accepted!

During the workshop I will describe the process involved in the creation of the group, some of the challenges inherent in using online technology, and the value of the group to its members. I hope to inspire other group therapists to create similar groups.
I will tell you how it went in my next newsletter.