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This morning I overhead a little boy say, “I’m tired,” and he lifted his arms up to be picked up. He was with his mom and their dog out for a walk in the woods, as was I. His mom replied that he had had a good night’s sleep and he could not be tired…. Read the full article

Turn Around

Unnoticed I was away from my neighborhood for three weeks, and was now being back, but without my beloved dog, Willie, who had died in my absence.  I noticed that no one said “Hello” or “Welcome back” nor did anyone ask me, “Where is Willie?” Astonished I was astounded. For twelve years, Willie and I… Read the full article

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

An older friend asked me how things were going in my life. “Mostly well,” I said. I added that I was disappointed in my marriage.  I described some things my husband did, both good and disappointing. For instance, he was great at helping me replace my lost my iPhone and not good at inquiring about… Read the full article

On Getting What You Want

As I walked my dog down the street, three neighbors converged and started talking about a book club. One yelled across the street, suggesting a particular title for the next meeting. I listened to this exchange, continued walking, and noticed that my head hung low. I started wondering, ‘Why wasn’t I a part of this… Read the full article

The Life I Am Leading

On my way home from modern dance class, I felt full of excitement with the pleasurable thought that I am doing something for myself. I had, in fact, considered dropping this class just a few days earlier because it didn’t quite suit me. So I had to work with myself and recognize the plusses of… Read the full article