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Belonging (or not) – Being my kind of Jew at Passover

Passover is the big Jewish community event each year. Yes, there is also the gathering at the break-fast at Yom Kippur and there are gatherings under the Sukkah and other gatherings here and there throughout the year. But the Passover meal is a time of family and communal gathering like no other in the Jewish… Read the full article

On Authenticity

As Brianna Wiest writes on, “No person is an island, and we need healthy relationships to thrive…and we are terrible at connection.” This is a curious and true problem that many of us face today. We are all talking and texting each other on our cell phones, which is a clear expression of our… Read the full article

Love Re-Ignited

How many of us have experienced losing love for our parents? We start life off with a big open heart, ready to love those two people who brought us into the world. As the years go by, we find ourselves more and more disenchanted with them. They do many things which disenchant us. They do… Read the full article

Rain Story

All day today it has been raining. What did I do? I did not read a book or watch television. I did not sew or paint. I went outside and planted. I planted lupine and Echinacea and I created a circular design in my front yard with pieces of brick. I got wet and muddy…. Read the full article

Staying True to Oneself

One of the hardest things in life is staying true to oneself. So much of our early training teaches us to be good, to not demand, not want, not complain, not say our true feelings. Some of this is, of course, good. It helps us to be cooperative, tuned in to others and not overly… Read the full article

On Friendship

At a graduation this past May, I heard a remarkable talk on friendship. The person who spoke was in his mid-fifties. He had lost a close friend and colleague earlier in the year. Rather than talk about politics or the future, which is common for graduation speeches, he talked about a lifelong friendship. He began… Read the full article

Trauma and Finding One’s True Self

Donald Winnicott describes the “true self as a sense of self based on spontaneous authentic experience, and a feeling of being alive, of having a real self.” Wouldn’t we all like to feel that clear and connected to ourselves?? Wouldn’t we like to shed the pain of the past and live in the present with… Read the full article

Dads Matter… a Lot

It seems like the societal message has been… dads aren’t that important.  There are lots of movies and television shows which make jokes about the father in the family, showing him as incompetent or silly or stupid. But, from what I hear in my therapist’s chair, this is the opposite of the truth.  Dads are… Read the full article

A Pokémon Ball

Over the weekend, while I was visiting friends in Georgia, I observed the training of a four month old boy. He is loved, loved, loved by his parents. But they have certain ideas about what a child should or shouldn’t do, most of which I don’t agree with. The first idea is that a child… Read the full article

Therapy in the Dark Times

The world has become a scary place and yet it is still so great to be alive. With singers like Ariana Grande singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, there is hope. There is also sadness. Why does it need to be “Somewhere Over the Rainbow?” It seems to me that somewhere over the rainbow was close… Read the full article