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Celebrating Women

Women are wonderful humans! We are smart, capable and perceptive. We are resilient and passionate. In the face of calamity, we find solutions….

Saying “No” at Masjidullah

In the spring of 2019, I went to a Ramadan celebration at a big mosque called Masjidullah in Philadelphia. There was a relationship between my synagogue Mishkan Shalom and the mosque. We were seated at large round tables and introduced ourselves to one another. A beautifully attired woman sat across from me. I felt drawn… Read the full article


I was boiling hot and my brain was no longer willing to work. I left my house, put some mail in the mailbox and continued down the street to my friend Scott’s house. I yelled to the third floor to let him know I was there.  Soon his head appeared in the window and then… Read the full article

Staying True to Oneself

One of the hardest things in life is staying true to oneself. So much of our early training teaches us to be good, to not demand, not want, not complain, not say our true feelings. Some of this is, of course, good. It helps us to be cooperative, tuned in to others and not overly… Read the full article

The Life I Am Leading

On my way home from modern dance class, I felt full of excitement with the pleasurable thought that I am doing something for myself. I had, in fact, considered dropping this class just a few days earlier because it didn’t quite suit me. So I had to work with myself and recognize the plusses of… Read the full article