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From Distant to BFF

Can you imagine going from a distant relationship with your dad to having him as your BFF? I would say this is the dream of many a boy and man and many a girl and woman. My housemate’s father lives in far-away Hawaii and dreams this dream. Many of the clients I have seen over… Read the full article

Mother and Daughter Dancing

Announcing the “Play with me” workshop

`Play is the way into the heart of a child. It is a way to joyfully be with others. Here’s a chance to: Discover the value of play Learn approaches for playing with children and others Reflect on your parenting style: what you feel good about and what you’d like to change Talk about your… Read the full article

Play with me!

Mother’s Day 2021 is rapidly approaching. It is a complex day. How do we honor the person who birthed us and/or who raised us? What do we feel toward this human being? What I do know is that lifelong relationships are not simple. There is pleasure, angst, anger, disappointment, resentment, sadness, and moments of joy…. Read the full article

House Meetings

What would we do without house meetings? What did our life look like before house meetings? That I can tell you. Our household was full of tension. People would be yelling up and down the stairs to get each other’s attention. People, me for one, would ask family members about things while they were busy… Read the full article

Dads Matter… a Lot

It seems like the societal message has been… dads aren’t that important.  There are lots of movies and television shows which make jokes about the father in the family, showing him as incompetent or silly or stupid. But, from what I hear in my therapist’s chair, this is the opposite of the truth.  Dads are… Read the full article


This morning I overhead a little boy say, “I’m tired,” and he lifted his arms up to be picked up. He was with his mom and their dog out for a walk in the woods, as was I. His mom replied that he had had a good night’s sleep and he could not be tired…. Read the full article