A Time of Mourning

For many people, and all the people I know, we are in a time of mourning. Our feelings of security, our hope in the future, and our confidence that life was moving in a good direction have all disappeared with the results of this election night.

Now, we are all wondering, what do we do? And, how will life be? What will it be like for us? And what will it be like for the millions of people whose lives were already difficult socially, financially or otherwise? And, where will things go for the planet, for our mother earth, who is already so taxed?

There is so much to worry about and so many unknowns.

It feels to me that we have gone back to the Dark Ages whose main characteristics were intellectual darkness and barbarity. Intellectual darkness seems very apt to me and I believe to countless others.

So, what do we do? We have not lost our intelligence, our perceptiveness, our ability to love. Nor have we lost our ability to listen and seek to understand.

I believe what we need to do first and foremost is offer groups for people to talk and to not be alone with their anxiety and depression.

We need to reach out to the people, animals and plants we already love and love them more!

We need to reach out to people we don’t know and let them tell us about their lives. We need to learn to love them, like in the old South Pacific song, “Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy.” It takes time to know and love another person, but we can all do that. If we reach beyond our comfortable connections, and enter the world of “people different from ourselves” we can create protection and affirmation for those whose lives are more at risk in this country.

There are political things we can do, from working to end the Electoral College to supporting Standing Rock.

With words, with listening, with dancing, with laughter, with tears, we need to live our lives as fully as possible. Staying connected and putting your heart where your mind is at are important ways to contradict the depression and hopelessness of these times.

A gathering for support and dialogue will be held on December 3rd, 3-5 pm at my house. Donations are welcome, but not mandatory. A portion of the donations will be given to Standing Rock. Please reach out by phone (215-317-8855) or e-mail (claudialistens@gmail.com) for more information.