New Group!
A Group for Young Adults on Overcoming Isolation

Are you in your twenties?
Do you feel socially isolated?
Do you want more authentic human connections?

Perhaps this group would be of interest to you.

I am starting a group for people in their 20's to early 30's to have a place to:

  • Be authentically yourself.
  • Share openly about yourself.
  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Experience good peer relationships.

If you want a better social life, come and check it out.

The group functions as a supportive community. There is confidentiality and connection.

When: Tuesdays evenings, weekly, 7-8 pm ET.
Where: In my home office in NW Philadelphia.
Cost: $30 per session, to be paid monthly.

To join this group, contact Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW at 215-317-8855 or via email at


Overcoming Social Isolation - A Group for Adults Over 60

Do you feel isolated? Do you desire to be more connected to others?

Being part of a group and getting to talk about whatever is on your mind with other people can be a powerful antidote.

We all need tangible human contact to feel happy and good about ourselves. I invite you to join my group for people 60 and older who want to explore having real social connection.

The group offers participants a place to:

  • Experience relating
  • Learn about oneself
  • Become more confident
  • Engage in meaningful, interpersonal dialogue
  • Talk freely about whatever is on your mind

The group meets Thursday afternoons two or three times a month, from 2 to 3:30, in Northwest Philadelphia. It costs $60.00 a session, to be paid monthly.

To join this group, contact Claudia Apfelbaum, LCSW at 215-317-8855 or via email at


When I Say “No,” I Feel Guilty

How often do you think “No” and say “Yes”?

Do you feel angry with yourself for saying “Yes”?

How can you stand up for yourself?

Come to this workshop and learn:

  • Assertiveness skills
  • Skills in “hearing the other” while holding onto your own needs
  • Understand your own barriers to asserting yourself

When: September 8, 2019, 2:45-5pm.
Where: the Jewels of Islam, at Masjidullah 7401 Limekiln Pike, Philadelphia..
Jewels of Islam is a supportive, interfaith network of women over 50.
All are welcome!

To register: To register: Contact Emilie Rasheed Harris at 215- 477-2707

Come to a safe, warm and welcoming group to talk about whatever is on your mind…friends, family, interpersonal relationships and workplace