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House Meetings

What would we do without house meetings? What did our life look like before house meetings? That I can tell you. Our household was full of tension. People would be yelling up and down the stairs to get each other’s attention. People, me for one, would ask family members about things while they were busy… Read the full article

In the time of Covid-19

This article was first published in the Chestnut Hill Local on April 29th and online on May 4th 2020. In the time of Covid-19, something good is happening, despite the tremendous social, physical, mental and financial costs. The “something good” is that we humans are having time. It is true that having so much time… Read the full article

Saying “No” at Masjidullah

In the spring of 2019, I went to a Ramadan celebration at a big mosque called Masjidullah in Philadelphia. There was a relationship between my synagogue Mishkan Shalom and the mosque. We were seated at large round tables and introduced ourselves to one another. A beautifully attired woman sat across from me. I felt drawn… Read the full article


I was boiling hot and my brain was no longer willing to work. I left my house, put some mail in the mailbox and continued down the street to my friend Scott’s house. I yelled to the third floor to let him know I was there.  Soon his head appeared in the window and then… Read the full article

Canoeing and Connection

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I went canoeing in the Pine Barrens. Keeping the boat moving straight ahead was no easy task.   We needed to work together to keep the boat moving. My daughter was in the stern, thus directing the boat, and I was in the bow, seeing the way ahead…. Read the full article

Belonging (or not) – Being my kind of Jew at Passover

Passover is the big Jewish community event each year. Yes, there is also the gathering at the break-fast at Yom Kippur and there are gatherings under the Sukkah and other gatherings here and there throughout the year. But the Passover meal is a time of family and communal gathering like no other in the Jewish… Read the full article

On Authenticity

As Brianna Wiest writes on, “No person is an island, and we need healthy relationships to thrive…and we are terrible at connection.” This is a curious and true problem that many of us face today. We are all talking and texting each other on our cell phones, which is a clear expression of our… Read the full article

Love Re-Ignited

How many of us have experienced losing love for our parents? We start life off with a big open heart, ready to love those two people who brought us into the world. As the years go by, we find ourselves more and more disenchanted with them. They do many things which disenchant us. They do… Read the full article

Rain Story

All day today it has been raining. What did I do? I did not read a book or watch television. I did not sew or paint. I went outside and planted. I planted lupine and Echinacea and I created a circular design in my front yard with pieces of brick. I got wet and muddy…. Read the full article

Staying True to Oneself

One of the hardest things in life is staying true to oneself. So much of our early training teaches us to be good, to not demand, not want, not complain, not say our true feelings. Some of this is, of course, good. It helps us to be cooperative, tuned in to others and not overly… Read the full article